about us

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Growing up as a millennial in today’s modern workforce is exciting and daunting! This generation is having a tough time a) finding existing jobs and b) to keep afloat financially. More and more young people are trying to start businesses of their own, just like the Baby Boomers once did. At Bumble Media, we understand these challenges and we want to make your life easier at an affordable price!

We are a team of young individuals who also know a thing or two about technology and the digital age. For these reasons, we want to provide a way to help others reach their marketing goals for their business!

From politics to food to travel, we specialize in helping talent, young and already established, reach a larger sphere through creating an online presence. Whether you are new to digital marketing, just getting your business started or don’t have enough time, we can help you set up and maintain your social media and blog.

Let’s get started!